Hedin Parts

Full-service supplier of logistics solutions and supply of automotive parts

Welcome to Hedin Parts - your partner for efficient and reliable spare parts supply. We are a global logistics and spare parts company with a focus on Europe and North America. Hedin Parts is part of the Hedin Mobility Group and is headquartered in Nyköping together with its logistcs and distribution center. 

With extensive experience, large capacity and automated warehouse systems, we offer car importers and other stakeholders to the automotive industry a wide range of logistics and distribution services for parts of all sizes - from 3PL solutions to full supply chain management. As a long-standing exclusive global distributor of Saab spare parts with sales to workshop customers in some 30 countries, we have built up a solid expertise in spare parts and creating successful logistics flows. For authorised workshops, we offer a range of original spare parts for selected car brands and consumables, which can be easily ordered via our e-commerce platform.