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Hedin Parts – a committed partner

When you choose Hedin Parts as a partner, you get a committed, innovative, and flexible partner throughout the entire supply chain or within third-party logistics. Hedin Parts is a well-established Nordic third-party logistics provider with a highly automated facility, extensive transport network, and a customer focused approach.

We have a long history rooted in the Swedish automotive industry, which laid the foundation for the curiosity and strong spirit of innovation that still drives us today. Over the years, we have built up solid expertise that enables us to anticipate and offer the logistics and distribution solution that best suits to develop and strengthen your business.

Your brand is important

At Hedin Parts, you get a reliable and committed partner. We understand the value of a strong brand in succeeding in a competitive industry, and as your partner, we want to contribute to making your operations more successful. Our goal is to promote your business by always putting your company and your customers first.

With the fundamental belief that what we do is prioritized and business-critical for your operations, we take responsibility for efficiently managing your logistics and distribution. With high expertise, quality, and ample resources, we can offer the logistics solution that best suits your operations.

Customer value and benefits of TPL

Customer value and benefit

Outsourcing logistics to third parties is nothing new, and the entire transport industry's growth is an example of how companies have reduced their own transport work over decades and instead hired external transport companies. The trend has continued over the years with more logistics functions and activities being carried out by external partners.

Why should you as a customer outsource your logistics?

The main driver for the increased use of third-party logistics is an increasingly fierce global competition that forces you to focus on your own core business and let external partners perform other functions as efficiently as possible. In other words, you can't be good at everything; you have to choose where your most important, unique abilities lie and concentrate on them.

In parallel with increased competition, customer demands have increased across all industries and segments. Customers and consumers want a high level of service at a low cost. With an increasing number of competent logistics partners offering advanced, IT-based logistics functions and processes, there is a good chance that collaboration with a third-party logistics provider will result in a high level of service, increased efficiency, flexibility and adaptability.

Enjoy the benefits of third-party logistics:

  • Focus on your own core business and outsource increasingly complex and demanding logistics challenges to a third-party logistics professional, thereby creating the conditions for increased growth, efficiency and margins
  • Increase your own adaptability and flexibility by scaling up and scaling down the use of different resources
  • Increase your own control
  • Accelerate the execution of logistics activities by leveraging the resources, experience and skills of the 3PL (TPL) company
  • Deliver faster to and establish your business in new markets by taking advantage of the 3PL (TPL) company's infrastructure, network and agreements
  • Reduce costs in your own operations
  • Make fixed costs variable by using only the resources that are needed
  • Free up your own resources
  • Access knowledge, skills, best practices, relationships and well-developed methods and processes from a variety of companies and industries
  • Get access to sought-after physical logistics resources without having to invest in your own physical logistics resources and IT systems and their updates and maintenance
  • Gain access to the 3PL (TPL) company's well-designed processes
  • Increase the transparency and coordination of the supply chain by taking advantage of the 3PL (TPL) company's IT systems and integrations with its own and other actors' systems
  • Secure transportation capacity by leveraging the 3PL (TPL) company's network, contracts and relationships
Project model for a flying start

Good customer cooperation requires structure

To ensure that Hedin Parts' new customer partnerships get off to a fast, smooth start and reach the set goals, we have developed a clear and uniform project model. The well-proven model is the basis for every new implementation project. The goal is to give each new customer a quick and efficient start and to realize what is agreed and contracted.

Here we summarize the most important elements of our project model and implementation process:

  • Our project model is an established process for how an implementation project is organized and implemented.
  • Each implementation project has an internal client, usually a Key Account Manager, who together with Hedin Parts management is responsible for the project.
  • The implementation project is led by a business manager who reports the work to a steering group that supports and prioritizes during the project. At times, various reference groups are also involved, providing input and advice on specific issues.
  • The project follows a method developed and documented in the Hedin Parts project handbook.
  • Before an implementation project is started, the project's purpose, goals, content and scope are clarified and documented through an implementation plan.
  • When implementing new customer collaborations, different IT integrations are always required. Here Hedin Part's IT department collaborates with the customer's experts, who jointly test and quality assure the integrations during the implementation project.
  • When an implementation project is completed, the results are presented in a final report that is submitted to the project owner and the steering group.
  • The implementation project results in the establishment of an SOP (a standardized approach) with established processes and procedures that are well established with the customer and internally.
  • Then a project manager is appointed who is responsible for the continued customer cooperation, including the need for improvements, changes and skills development that may have emerged during the introduction but not yet implemented.

Consensus between the customer and Hedin Parts

The entire implementation process should of course always be based on a consensus with the customer and live up to the goals, requirements and expectations of the customer. When the implementation project is completed, Hedin Part's customer should feel safe and well informed about which people are responsible for what and who to turn to in various matters.