Logistics and distribution services

for the entire supply chain of automotive parts

Does your business need help with the entire supply chain or third-party logistics? Hedin Parts can assist you in finding the logistics and distribution solution that best suits your business.

We have extensive experience and high expertise in handling demanding and complex logistics to and from countries around the world. Additionally, our logistics and distribution center has a perfect location regardless of whether the customers are in Sweden, the Nordic region, Europe, or globally.

Explore our logistics and distribution services, and we will assist you in finding the best logistics solution

Distribution services

Distribution services for the entire supply chain

Hedin Parts has extensive experience in managing the logistics flow as a 3PL partner, and for some of our partners, we are responsible for the entire supply chain - from manufacturers to retailers. Our goal is to offer the right products, ensure that products are efficiently delivered to retailers, while maintaining appropriate inventory levels and minimizing costs. We do this through an integrated supply chain where we have control over the flow, optimize inventory, have established processes, automated warehouse systems, and ample capacity to handle large volumes.

Services for the entire supply chain include everything from procurement planning, forecasting of spare parts supply, coordination between various involved parties, sales planning, and order management to inventory control, inventory optimization, distribution management, and customer support.


Inbound with well-developed processes

Smooth goods receipt

Efficient logistics solutions start with well-developed processes for inbound deliveries and goods receipt. All goods arriving at our logistics center are inspected and validated by our trained staff before proceeding to the warehouse or being prepared for repacking. Through our modern automation solutions, we can guarantee that goods received before 10:30 AM are available for dispatch on the same day, while all of received goods are available for dispatch the next day.

Repacking of goods

We have extensive experience and expertise in repacking goods. Often, this involves breaking down pallets or crates into smaller, recipient-specific packages and packaging, but we can also handle flows of goods that are consolidated (cross-docked) and then repacked for further distribution to the end customer.

Handling of hazardous goods

All goods deemed hazardous are clearly labeled with Swedish markings and stored in sections of the warehouse facility equipped with advanced security systems and fire protection.

Warehouse Management

Efficient warehouse management and customer-focused staff

Modern and efficient warehouse management

Our modern logistics and distribution center in Nyköping is designed for efficient third-party logistics management and offers a total of over 73,000 square meters of warehouse space. Through high-tech automation solutions and various types of storage areas, we can guarantee efficient and flexible warehouse management for automotive parts of all sizes and formats while minimizing the risk of errors. The facility is also equipped with advanced fire protection and security systems for handling hazardous goods.

Attentive and customer-focused personnel

In addition to our automation solutions, the personnel at Hedin Parts are crucial in ensuring high quality in every aspect of warehouse management. Our customer-focused employees have extensive experience in creating efficient logistics flows for customers of all sizes and attentively listen to your requests. If the need arises, we have a well-staffed customer service department that promptly responds to inquiries.

Optimized warehouse management with AutoStore

At the beginning of 2024, the advanced warehouse management system AutoStore was inaugurated to optimize the facility's capacity and enable even more efficient logistics flows. AutoStore utilizes intelligent software to control 27 robots that manage the warehouse to minimize picking times and increase productivity. This means that we can handle over 950 order lines per hour and create conditions for even more efficient deliveries to customers across Europe.

Outbound - Distribution Services

Distribution management for efficient logistics flows

Order management and support

Efficient distribution requires thoughtful and clear planning. Hedin Parts' multilingual support staff has extensive experience in handling transportation administrative tasks, order reception, and related services.

Fast handling with high precision

We have extensive experience in picking and packing goods to create the best possible conditions for efficient logistics flows. Through solid and long-term quality work, we have optimised the processes and reduced error picking to a maximum of two order lines per 1,000.

Smart packaging solutions

To facilitate handling, Hedin Parts strives to use smart packaging solutions to the greatest extent possible. Smart packaging solutions are often economical, convey a clear message, easy to handle, sustainable, and easy to recycle.


As part of the process for repackaging and co-packing before further distribution, Hedin Parts utilizes market-leading technologies for flawless goods and transport labeling. All goods deemed hazardous are labeled according to the recipient country's legislation to ensure efficient distribution.

Transport Management

Controlled transport management

Efficient transport administration

Thoughtful transport management minimizes costs, maximizes efficiency, and ensures that goods are delivered in good condition at the right time. Hedin Parts handles large volumes of goods daily, with numerous senders and receivers in over 30 countries, and has long-established processes to reduce lead times and guarantee prompt handling across all modes of transportation.

Cost-effective and flexible transport solutions

Through our partners, our experience in handling large volumes and the large number of daily departures from Nyköping, we can offer cost-effective transport solutions with fast delivery times. Over the years, we have built up a large network of carriers and can thus assist our customers in procuring fast, precise, and cost-effective transport solutions for spare parts and aftermarket flows.

Delivery times and quality

  • Procedures and daily handling of containers, pallets, and packages
  • Ability to handle express orders worldwide
  • Wide range of shipping options from Hedin Parts' carrier library – we only engage carriers with competitive prices and terms
  • Monthly invoice control and onward billing
  • Access to emission reports
  • Well-established processes for efficient customs handling
  • Processes for handling hazardous goods
  • Monitoring of deviations and quality, as well as handling of complaint cases

Modern logistics center in the heart of the Nordics

The Nyköping region is a growing logistics hub, and Hedin Parts' modern facility is well-positioned just east of the city. Located only one hundred kilometers south of Stockholm – with immediate proximity to ports, railways, and European highways – we can offer efficient transportation to the entire world.

IT Solutions

Powerful IT solutions and ready-to-use system integration

Flexible and powerful IT system

One of Hedin Parts' strengths is our IT resources and our flexible IT system. Within our operations, we have handpicked IT expertise with experience in creating powerful and flexible IT solutions with intelligent system integration, enabling insight into the supply flow and facilitating coordination of work among all involved parties. With these intelligent IT systems, we control all parts of the supply flow: order placement, inbound, warehouse management and handling (WMS), and distribution. This creates efficient logistics solutions that ensure your customers receive the right product at the right time. Hedin Parts also has the knowledge and expertise to handle VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), guaranteeing ongoing replenishment of spare parts and supplies at the customer's receiving end.

Web portal for spare parts distribution

Hedin Parts offers an web portal for spare parts distribution that enables efficient, fast, and secure e-commerce for businesses. Through the portal, we create conditions for quick order placement, shorter lead times, higher delivery quality, and return management.

Fast and cost-effective system integration

Hedin Parts offers all logistics customers a cloud service with open APIs that enable smooth and efficient data exchange between systems, customers, and partners. The cloud-based solution makes it quick and cost-effective to create and maintain new integrations. With the integration platform, Hedin Parts' systems are linked to your system and to all your partners' systems, such as ERP systems, TMS systems, warehouse management systems/WMS, e-commerce systems, payment, and financial systems. Whether the IT systems are large, small, old, or new, they can all communicate together via the smart cloud solution. Fast, cost-effective, and smart ready-to-use system integration.

Additional logistics services

Export, return logistics, hazardous goods, buffer stock, environment, etc

In addition to inbound, warehouse management, distribution, and transport management, we offer several additional services to further facilitate the logistics flow for our customers and partners.

Seamless international exports

We assist with export and customs clearance by providing complete delivery documentation for shipments to and from Sweden, detailed statistics, and calculation of your customs duties.

Efficient return logistics

Efficient return logistics requires experience, expertise, and modern IT solutions. Hedin Parts offers all of this along with a well-staffed customer service and developed processes with a holistic view of the goods flow for quick and flexible return management.

Transport and handling of hazardous goods

Hedin Parts' warehouse facility is designed for handling hazardous goods*, and our staff are knowledgeable about both the handling itself and the laws that apply. Hazardous goods are stored in a specific section of the warehouse and are managed by personnel trained according to the requirements of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). If needed, our staff can visit your facility to identify, sort, classify, package, label, and transport hazardous waste for treatment. We handle all types of hazardous goods except radioactive materials.

Examples of services:

  • Consultation for the transport of hazardous goods
  • Transportation of hazardous goods according to applicable laws
  • Documentation of the transportation of hazardous goods
  • Training of personnel handling hazardous goods
  • Ongoing consultation regarding the handling of hazardous goods
  • Repackaging in customized packaging

*Hazardous goods refer to substances and objects that have such dangerous properties that they can cause harm to human beings, the environment, or property if not handled correctly during transportation.

Temporary buffer storage

Sometimes there may be a need to quickly expand warehouse capacity for a period. Our staff can help you develop customized solutions to address temporary logistics needs. Of course, we can also add other value-added services, such as repackaging or labeling of your products.

Environment and sustainability

For a long time, Hedin Parts has conducted serious and well-thought-out environmental and sustainability work. Within the business, experienced recycling experts work who are happy to provide advice and analysis on how your products and packaging can be recycled or reused in the best possible way.

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