About Hedin Parts

Hedin Parts is a logistics partner, global distributor, and wholesaler of spare parts and consumables in the automotive industry with roots in the Swedish automotive industry. As part of the Hedin Mobility Group, we manage the spare parts supply and logistics for several of the group's different car brands.

Our goal is to give importers, logistics partners, dealers and workshops the conditions to achieve higher revenues, lower costs and more satisfied customers. With long experience, high capacity and automated warehouse systems, we realize this through a controlled process and efficient inventory management - and in the next step offer a high service level of logistics services and supply of vehicle parts to a global network of customers.

Company structure

Hedin Parts is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hedin Mobility Group and is headquartered in Nyköping together with the central logistics and distribution center. Hedin Parts has subsidiaries with sales offices in the US, UK, Germany and Switzerland. The companies Interwheel and Hedin Recycled are also part of Hedin Parts and Hedin Mobility Group.

Financial Information

As a subsidiary, Hedin Parts is included as part of Hedin Mobility Group's central annual, interim and sustainability reports.

Under "Financial" on hedinmobilitygroup.com, you can read about the Group's operations and find financial information and sustainability-related results.

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Part of Hedin Mobility Group

Hedin Parts is part of the Hedin Mobility Group which has been creating value for customers, employees and other stakeholders for almost 40 years. Today, the group is one of Europe's largest mobility suppliers with over 12,500 employees and operations in 14 countries. Hedin Mobility Group's activities range from import and distribution of vehicles and spare parts, via vehicle resale and mobility solutions, to car dismantling and recycling of spare parts.

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