Hedin Parts logistics and distribution center

– in the centre of the Nordic region

Hedin Parts' modern logistics and distribution center is located in Nyköping, just south of Stockholm – almost precisely in the middle of the Nordic region. The proximity to European highways, airports, railways, and ice-free deep-sea ports means that we can offer efficient distribution solutions to customers worldwide.

With over 73,000 square meters of warehouse space and highly automated flows, we can handle all types of goods – from large pallets to boxes and individual items. The facility is equipped with efficient fire protection and advanced security systems for handling hazardous materials.

5 km

Road E4

100 km


13 km

Skavsta Airport

Hedin Parts logistics and distribution Center

  • 73,000 square metres of storage space ( warm storage 53,000 square metres, cold storage 5,000 square metres and outdoor 15,000 square metres)
  • Centrally located south of Stockholm
  • Automated 3PL warehouse that creates efficiency in the supply flow
  • Experienced warehouse staff who understand customers' operations
  • Flexible storage space that can be adapted to different automotive parts
  • Approved for handling hazardous goods
  • Customs management functionality
  • A highly developed WMS system that can handle both simple and complex integrations

Local warehouse facilities in the USA, United Kingdom, and Germany

In addition to our main facility in Nyköping, we also have smaller warehouses in New Jersey, USA, Frankfurt, Germany, and Milton Keynes, UK, to offer the fastest possible delivery of the most requested spare parts.